Our vision behind LiLo is to help women to love themselves more, to feel radiant confidence, and joy of looking and feeling her best all day long. We pride ourselves on using the latest innovations to create the best products in the industry of make-up cosmetics.

It’s not just the makeup that makes a woman irresistible, but the inner glow of self-confidence.

Our high-quality cosmetics are very gentle on the skin and are safe to wear from morning to evening on a daily basis without drying out the skin.

Foundations and concealers reveal the skin’s natural beauty by evening out the tone and masking imperfections.

A wide palette of eye-shadows emphasizes a woman’s beauty and accentuates her eyes.

Our blushes gently highlight the cheekbones and blend perfectly with our foundations and powders.

Sleek and modern packaging looks chic and extra feminine, as well as being extremely functional and durable to preserve the product throughout your busy days and travels.



LiLo brand has a strong presence in Belarus and is embraced by its loyal customers all over Eastern Europe. We source only the best raw materials from Italy, Germany, and Poland.



Our line includes cosmetics, skin care, and a trendy nail polish selection. Here is a list of what we currently offer in our online beauty boutique:

  • mascaras
  • eyeliners
  • powders
  • eyeshadows
  • correctors
  • concealers
  • blushes
  • foundations
  • nail polish
  • lip gloss
  • moisturizing lip balms
  • lipsticks
  • eyebrow pencils


All of our products are compliant with European quality standards and are gentle on the skin for daily wear.

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