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Eye Shadows

Eye shadows are what can easily communicate to the rest of the world whether you are going to work or to a party.

Depending on what shades you use, you can set the tone for the day. You are going to find both quality and style in our palette for any day of your life.

We are delighted to offer you 7 types of palettes with 2 complementing shades in each:

- classic black and white fashionable set to highlight the eyes

- softer shades and deeper shades for either daily or evening looks

- highly pigmented honey and bronze palettes for a contrasting image

- cooler steel shades for bringing out the natural eye color

All of our palettes are designed to tastefully highlight your eyes and their texture ensures a smooth application and effortless blending regardless of whether you used a primer or not. Our shimmery and satin-like textures bring out your eyes for up to 12 hours throughout your day.

Our makeup contains white clay and wool wax components that prevent crumbling, protects and conditions the skin of your eyelids. Other innovative components contribute to shine absorption and prevent creasing and smudging throughout the day, maintaining the original texture over hours.

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