Just like most of us, nobody has absolutely perfect skin, yet we all aspire to reach that perfectly smooth complexion. Some redness, discoloration, or excess shine may need a bit of touch-ups. Here is something that you can rely on in our Lilo products:

  • Hide redness, acne, and pigmentation
  • Even out the skin tone and create a matte look
  • Remove excess shine

After applying our foundation, your skin becomes smooth to touch. The tone of the face is evened out, without any extra shine for hours.

BB foundation cream (SO BELL) is not just for that perfect tint, but most importantly it creates a protective layer to shield your skin from the harms of the environment. It contains vitamin E that is proven to help fight age-related wrinkles, keeping the skin smooth and firm.

Matte foundation cream (ABSOLUTE MATTE) has a 12-hour action assurance. The primary goal of this cream is to eliminate excess shine on oily skin while covering up any imperfections.

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